We recognise that buying a new or refurbished set of curling rocks is a significant investment.

While Ailsa Craig curling rocks are essentially low maintenance,
we support you with a range of services to make sure your rink benefits from such a quality investment.

Kays Curling has a dedicated service centre in Canada covering all provinces.

Running and Striking Bands

Two key parts of the effectiveness of the curling rock is to do with the Running and Striking Bands. By monitoring the wear on these two key parts of the rock, and when necessary calling in our services, you ensure that your customers will continue to enjoy playing with competition standard rocks.

In most locations our local technician is available to service your running bands actually onsite at your rink. The cost saving is significant in as much as you no longer need to get involved with the time consuming and expensive steps of shipping the stones back to our manufacturing base.



Ice - Technical Support

Kays Curling rocks and good curling ice go hand-in-hand. When your facility has invested in Ailsa Craig top of the range curling rocks, it is only right that your customers experience their true performance by playing on well prepared ice.

Learn how to make and maintain ice from the best. Kays offers Ice Technician support from 2 Olympic Class Ice Technicians: Mark Callan based in Scotland and Hans Wuthrich based in Canada. European technical support is provided by Armin Harder who is our man in Switzerland.

We will travel to you. We can come to your rink to hold courses on how to make and maintain quality curling ice.

Contact us to talk about any specific ice queries or to arrange an onsite training course.




Our Service Technicians travel the world.

In most cases we are able to provide onsite the support of our knowledgeable and trained Service Technicians.

Our technicians are based in Canada, USA, Europe and Scotland. Please contact us for reviewing your curling rock running/striking bands.


You can expect to have many years of enjoyment from Kays Curling rocks. It is rare but should any rock be damaged or dip from its high performance through usage we offer a full repair service.

At all times our preferred option is to repair a damaged rock. If that is not possible we will offer a trade in against a new or refurbished rock. We will not carry out any repair work to rocks that do not have an Ailsert fitted.



Making curling ice, maintaining the technical equipment and curling rocks is a specialised job. Ice making is a science and there are many factors that come together in order to reach our goal of consistent curling ice. Once the ice is made the techniques used in cutting and preparing the ice for play are all essential in delivering a surface that curlers will enjoy playing on.

Kays offers a number of ways that you can benefit from the experience of our 2 Olympic Class Ice Technicians.

We are on hand to answer any of your technical questions but better still is to review your staffs ice, equipment and how to look after curling rocks knowledge, and if necessary, we will come to you with a training course specific to your staff’s needs.

Invest in the right training and reap the rewards of satisfied and loyal customers.

KAYS CURLING - Manufacturer and supplier of the best curling rocks in the world made from Ailsa Craig Granite.