Kays Curling provides the world with the complete Ailsa Craig curling rock.

From our manufacturing factory in Scotland we export worldwide to meet the demand for this growing sport. Scotland has a rich tradition in curling and we are proud to bring our experience to the sport on a global scale.

We are passionate about what we do. Our craftsmen take the raw material of granite boulders from Ailsa Craig, an island in the Firth of Clyde and through a stringent quality process developed over generations, create a product that is both reliable and consistent in play to world competition standards and lasts for decades.

Established in 1851, Kays are the world wide leader in production of Rocks for curling.

We have a specialised team in Canada supported by our field sales managers and back office staff with years of experience in every level of the sport.

If you are interested in the more technical aspects of just why Ailsa Craig granite is recognised as being the finest material for curling rocks please contact us and we will speak to you directly.

Kays offers a comprehensive service tailored to each club’s requirements and offer demonstration events on request.

KAYS CURLING - Manufacturer and supplier of the best curling rocks in the world made from Ailsa Craig Granite.